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Pedro Ortiz Furniture

Our policy of quality and service, has made Estudio D&C distributes its upholstered furniture and design services by Pedro Ortiz to be leaders in the sector.

Pedro Ortiz



Grums Barcelona 2011
Axor Feria, Madrid 2009
Axor, Madrid 2009
Rey Fernando, Zaragoza 2009
Diagonal Plaza, Zaragoza 2010
Sobrealba, Panamá 2010
Windham, Panamá 2010
Celuisma / Rías Altas, Coruña 2010
El Panamá 2011
Bambito, Panamá 2011
Cordobilla, Pamplona 2011
Villa de Castejón 2011
Blanes 2011
Soloy, Panamá 2011


El Prado 2011
ARC Las Ramblas, Barcelona 2011
BCN 46, Barcelona 2011
Fornos, Calatayud 2011
Montera Plaza, Algeciras
Virrey Palafox, Soria


Residence, Burgos 2011
Universidad Leonardo da Vinci, Hall of Residence 2011
Sushimore, National Food Company Facilities, 2011
Alta Gama Apartments, Barcelona 2011
Meseguer Apartments Hostel, Alcañiz 2011
C/Argullers Apartments, 2011
C/Argullers 22 Apartments, Barcelona 2011
Bingo Sala Macoes, Madrid

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Garden furniture


Cielo Collection

Refinement, neutrality, formal clarity and essential elegance. These are the hallmarks of this versatile and complete collection of tables, chairs and armchairs of our special collection Cielo for your garden with Estudio D & C as exclusive distributor.

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