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Essenzia Dormire Mattresses

Only a suitable rest and repair will allow us to face a day with renewed strength, this is possible thanks to the distribution of Essenzia Dormire mattresses for hotels and hospitals by Estudio D & C.


The day to day exhausts us completely and many days we want to lie down so we can rest and load ourselves with energy for the next day. Only adequate and restful rest will allow us to face the day with renewed strength.

Titanium Series

In Estudio D & C we are concerned about our products are at the level of demand of each person and allow you to rest as you deserve. Our identity is the careful selection of materials and the meticulous elaboration products, any Essenzia product is technologically advanced, with a distinguished and highly comfortable design. We present the patented Titanium Series.

Evolve Titanium

A unique mattress with superior technology, its Celliant tissue increases oxygen in muscle tissue while we sleep, actively improving our rest throughout the night and reducing the pain that is suffered during sleep.

Colchón Evolve Titanium
Colchón Apolo Titanium

Apolo Titanium

The unique combination of natural fabrics and cotton fillings, combined with the springs bagged with titanium alloy, make this product a very comfortable mattress, durable, durable and very breathable. Enjoy your bed of unparalleled pleasure.

Capri Titanium

With Capri Titanium we propose a product with an elegant finish and a high level interior thanks to its active suspension with titanium springs. A mattress of medium firmness for demanding people.

Colchón Capri Titanium
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